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Lavender Fields Washington Island

Located in the heart of Washington Island, our Wisconsin-based farm cultivates acres and acres of lavender fields. Island Lavender has been growing lavender and producing hand-made lavender gifts and products since 2013. The lavender fields in Washington Island are harvested in the summer months of late June and July. Each lavender plant grows silver buds that turn plump and fill with fragrant oil. As the buds continue to ripen into a deep, vibrant lavender color, the buds are removed before they burst open and flower on the stem. The stems are only then removed using a gently curved sickle. This old-fashioned practice of harvesting and growing lavender ensures that the fullest fragrances and deepest lavender colors are captured from each stem.

From there, the stems and buds are kept in cool water to hold their fragrant oils. They are then placed in dark and cool barns to dry. After the lavender bundles have been drying for weeks, the lavender stems and buds are sorted, cleaned and delivered to our specialty kitchens and artisan workshops, where exquisite lavender gifts and products are created for our customers.

Island Lavender is growing lavender primarily from the English Lavender species, which is scientifically known as Lavandula Angustifolia. Varieties of this type include Edelweiss, Folgate, Hidcote, Maillette and Royal Velvet. Another variation we work with is Lavandula X Intermedia, or Lavandin, which is a cross between various Lavandulas.

Lavender Gifts

Island Lavender is always adding new and exciting products! From lavender gifts like body lotions and essential oils, to dryer bags and culinary seasonings; if it’s lavender, Island Lavender will have it for you to enjoy. Contact Us today for more information.