Posted on 23rd May 2017

Are you planning to take a road trip with your family this summer? Here are ten must-have items from Island Lavender that will make your trip not just more fragrant, but more pleasurable as well.

1. Lavender Sachets for your suitcases and duffel bags

Lavender sachets are perfect for keeping a small space like a suitcase or duffel bag smelling fresh and fragrant - at the end of your trip as well as at the beginning. Easy to tuck into your luggage, they make the perfect travel companion for your clothes. (Yes, your clothes should have travel companions!) They are inexpensive as well, so you can buy one to pack in each bag. You’ll be rewarded with a lovely lavender scent every time you open your suitcase. All of our sachets are filled with our own home-grown aromatic lavender buds. We have several sizes and styles of sachets – so check them out. They’re not just for grandma!

2. Lavender Car Freshener

Here is the answer to the problem of how to keep your car smelling fresh when you and your family are spending long hours living in it – eating, napping, driving, breathing – you get the picture. Our lavender car freshener, filled with our own aromatic lavender buds, is exactly what you need. With its drawstring, this handy muslin bag can be hung on your mirror or, as many prefer, tucked under your seat. Buy a second one and tuck it under the passenger seat too. It’s basically a sachet for your car and will keep you happy with its wonderfully aromatic smell.You’ll especially notice it each time you get into your car, and what a nice, fragrant greeting you will have!

3. Lavender Pet Spray

Many families take their canine companion on vacation with them, and if you are one of those lucky enough to have a good doggy who loves car trips and can’t bear to be left behind, this is probably THE most important item to take along on your trip. This lightly-scented spray will relax your dog and make his coat shine AND smell better. Made with natural products, including lavender essential oil, this spray will soothe your pet and you!  Remember: you will be spending lots of time in close proximity to your furry family member.  When you let him out of the car and he comes back smelling a little ….doggy (to put it politely), bring out our Lavender Pet Spray BEFORE letting him back into the car. Forewarned is forearmed!

4. Lavender Hand Sanitizer

These days, everyone needs a good hand sanitizer, particularly when you’re on the road and not always near a ready source of soap and water. And what is even better than a hand sanitizer? A lavender hand sanitizer that also leaves your hands smelling fragrant. At 4 ounces, our Lavender Hand Sanitizer is small enough to tuck into your purse, bag or backpack.  We recommend one for each family member so everyone has one handy when needed the most – when returning to the car from a hike, when picnicking, after wrestling a stick out of your dog’s mouth, and for hands that are sticky from snacking in the car.  As you know all too well, this list could go on and on!

5. Lavender Insect Guard

Even though you’ll be traveling by car, you’ll most likely be enjoying the great outdoors as well, so make sure you have our Lavender Insect Guard along. This all-natural combination of lavender, rose, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils is effective in keeping all pests far away. User-tested in the South, its natural essential oils ensure a delightful aroma. The good news is that you won’t smell like the pest product aisle at the hardware store when you use our Lavender Insect Guard.

6. Lavender Travel Pack

Four popular lavender products - lavender shampoo, lavender conditioner, lavender hand sanitizer and lavender lotion (each 1 oz.) - make up this handy travel pack and provide everything you need when you are on the go. Indulge yourself with this aromatic combo that makes packing easy and efficient, as you’ll have it all without any big, hard-to-pack bottles.

7. Lavender Foot Lotion

If your trip will involve a lot of walking or hiking once you reach your destination, then you definitely will need our Lavender Foot Lotion. This shea butter lotion, lightly scented with essential lavender oil, provides welcome relief to sore, overworked feet! Rub it on and feel the relaxing properties of essential lavender oil start to work.

8. Lavender Lip Balm

This aromatic lip balm will keep your lips moisturized and smelling great.  All natural, it continues to be a customer favorite! It’s a perfect size to tuck into your purse so it’ll be handy to apply and reapply as needed.

9. Lavender Salve

Made with coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil and Vitamin E, this soothing Lavender Salve is terrific on cuts, bee stings and mosquito bites. Use it to give all your minor injuries a little TLC, and you will both feel better and smell great. Put it into your purse or backpack or include it in your first aid kit, and you’ll be ready to rub it gently into all those little boo-boos when needed. This compact tin (2 oz) is a must-have item for your trip.

10. Lavender Travel Pillow

Are you bothered by back pain on a long drive? This Lavender Travel Pillow fits nicely into the small of your back and can transform a potentially uncomfortable drive into an easy and comfortable trip. Containing buckwheat shells, flax seeds, chamomile buds and dried lavender, it will support your back while providing you with hours of aromatherapy!Treat yourself to comfort and enjoy the ride.

Check out our website for all these wonderful items and others that will make your road trip more relaxing, more comfortable and definitely more aromatic.  We can think of no lovelier way to travel.

And remember, shipping is always free, and orders are generally received in 2-5 days.


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