Posted on April 13, 2017

Listen Up! It’s time to start thinking about a really special Mother’s Day gift for that really special person — your mom!  Don’t procrastinate and pick up some last-minute generic item at the mall or grocery. We can help you with unique and special gift ideas and gifts, as we have lots of both, for every kind of mom.

And remember, we offer free shipping, and most orders are received within 2-5 days.

For a fabulous and easy Mother’s Day present, check out our gift baskets.We offer five different gift baskets that every mom would be thrilled to receive: our Hair Care Gift Basket; our Lavender Bath Gift Basket; our Lavender Mini-Sampler Gift Basket; our Lavender Sampler Gift Basket; and our Lavender Seasonings Gift Basket.Spend a minute on our website considering these lovely gift items.

If you don’t want to go the gift basket route, we have lots of additional suggestions for you.If your mom is a gardener and you are planning to buy some gardening tools and gloves and the like, dig a little deeper (pun intended) and think of some special items to include, like a really good hand lotion for re-moisturizing and smoothing out the rough spots in her hands. Our Lavender Argan Oil Hand Lotion and our Lavender Patchouli Shea Butter Hand Lotion are both great choices. And consider the distinctive bars of soap we sell that are wrapped in seed paper that actually can be planted – how clever is that!! Check out our Lavender Soap in Seed Paper, our Island Mist Soap in Seed Paper, and our Summer Sky Soap in Seed Paper. And don’t forget the most important item: our Lavender Insect Guard. She doesn’t have to smell like the pest department at a hardware store when she’s headed outside to scratch in the dirt. She can smell like our stores smell — great — and be protected from those annoying skeeters.

And if you’re really fortunate and your mom loves experimenting in the kitchen with new and different ingredients, look at our Lavender Seasoning Gift Basket (as mentioned above). But if that’s not quite what you want and your mom loves salads, consider creating your own “Lavender and Greens” gift, with our Lavender Balsamic Vinegar, our Lavender Olive Oil and our Lavender Infused Honey.Just add an assortment of her favorite salad greens and veggies from the grocery, put everything into a big salad bowl, tie a ribbon around it, and — VOILA — you’ve created a really fun gift (and perhaps lunch as well). She’ll be eager to head into the kitchen and create her own signature salad dressing.

All moms love pampering, and we have a wide variety of bath and body products designed just for that purpose. Check out the items in our Lavender Bath Gift Basket (noted above) for some great gift ideas.And since lavender is well-known for its soothing and relaxing properties, consider the timeless and simple gift of Lavender Essential Oil which she can dab behind her ear or on her pillow at bedtime.We also offer Lavender Eye Pillows and Lavender Neck Wraps, which moms love too.Give her the gift of relaxation – can there be any gift that could be more appreciated by a busy mom? Check out all of these items on our website.

Does your mom like her house to have a nice fragrance? Well, we always want our customers’ spaces to smell as great as our stores, and we have a wide variety of lavender-based home fragrance products – from beautiful lavender candles to lavender diffuser bottles to drawer sachets.Or, maybe your mom loves fun, decorative items and would enjoy a lavender wreath for her wall.These really lovely wreaths provide such a homey and fragrant touch – no matter where they are. And, you’ll be happy to know that they are handmade at our farm on Washington Island with lavender grown in our fields.

And, if your mom has told you she wants nothing that she has to “feed, water or dust,” wow her with our lavender teas and coffees, of which we offer many options. If she loves tasting different coffee flavors, consider giving her one (or both) of our coffee samplers –our Lavender Coffee Sampler Trio (Lavender Chocolate Coffee, Lavender Colombian Coffee and Lavender Grogg Coffee) and our Lavender Coffee Tasting Trio (Lavender Chocolate Mint Coffee, Lavender Colombian Coffee and Lavender Crème Brulee Coffee). Both trios come wrapped with a lovely ribbon, which makes gift-giving very easy. And, if she’s a tea lover, she’ll love our Floral Lavender Tea and our Chamomile Lavender Tea.Check out all the teas and coffees we offer online, and while you’re there, look at our distinctive and unique Island Lavender mugs, which are a fun addition to any gift of coffee or tea.

Finally, if you have a grandmother or great-grandmother whom you wish to remember on Mother’s Day, then consider giving her one or more of our fabulous sachets. And, if you are hosting a Mother’s Day tea or brunch at school or the assisted living center or at your own home, our lovely organza sachets are the perfect party favor for each guest.They’re inexpensive, and their fragrant aroma will last a long time, along with the memory of that day. And remember, moms love sachets too, and we have a wonderful selection, so take a look at all of our different sachets on our website.

We invite you to scroll through our website and consider which of our hundreds of products would be loved and appreciated by your mom. You’ll find you have plenty to choose from.

We provide free shipping, and most packages are received in 2-5 days. (Yes, we already said this; we just want to remind everyone.)

Scents count. Banish boring. Buy lavender!