Fish Boil Poster



Stand back or you might get burned by the intense heat and the fierce energy in this brilliantly colored depiction of a classic Door County fish boil.  Take the message on the poster, “Experience a Good Old Fashioned Fish Boil,” to heart, and you will not be disappointed.  And even if you’re not a fish lover, you’ll become a fish-boil lover once you experience one.  Fish boils are not just about drama and excitement as you watch the flames flare and subside; they’re also about tradition and community.  If you’ve been to a fish boil, you’ll know what we mean, and you’ll want to own this poster, not just because it is fun and whimsical (how many fish flying through the flames can you count?), but also because it will remind you of the good time you had.  And if you like this poster, check out the matching mug which we also sell.  This unframed poster, which is printed on heavy stock paper, fits into a standard 18" x 24” frame.  All our posters and mugs are custom designed especially for Island Lavender and only available in our stores and our website.