Lavender Bath Powder Fizzie




Oh what a fizz it is!  We are referring of course to the fine display of bubbles and froth when you pour a couple of scoops of our Lavender Bath Powder Fizzie into your tub water.  The resulting light effervescence releases  essential oils, including lavender, which then work with natural sea salts to soften and scent the water.  

Sea salts, with their many minerals and nutrients, have been used for centuries to promote health, beauty and healing, with “ocean bathing” once a popular source of relaxation.    Lavender too has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and healing.  So with these two ingredients having stood the test of time, it’s obvious why they are paired so often and so successfully in bath products such as our Lavender Bath Powder Fizzie – a great example of a symbiotic relationship. 

Lavender essential oil, in addition to relaxing and soothing your body, is a perfect addition to every bath also because of its lovely floral fragrance.  What’s not to like about soaking in a tub while being enveloped in the sweet soothing scent of lavender? You will emerge from your bath refreshed, relaxed, scented and smiling and will be ready to take on your day, whatever it holds. 16 oz.

We also offer a Lemongrass Lavender Bath Powder Fizzie, so check that product out as well.