Lavender Car Freshener in Muslin Bag



Here is the answer to the problem of what to do when that new-car fragrance disappears from your car, only to be replaced by…uh…less desirable smells.  Our lavender car freshener, stamped with our Island Lavender logo and filled with our own aromatic lavender buds grown on Washington Island, is exactly what you need. Buy one for your car and a second one for his car, as the no-nonsense look of this bag appeals to men. 

This small muslin bag has a draw-string at the top so you could hang it on your rear-view mirror. But if you think that would create too much of a distraction, then tuck it under the driver’s seat, along with the discarded gum wrappers, fossilized candy bits and broken pencils that your passengers have left behind.  You might also want another lavender-filled muslin bag to tuck under the front passenger seat.  And consider getting one more - just for the trunk, which has its own set of unique smells.  Whether commuting to work, driving the car-seat-juice-box crowd or picking up the soccer team from a game, you spend a lot of time in your car.  Shouldn’t it smell great?  Where do you need that relaxing lavender fragrance more? 2 oz.