Lavender Essential Oil



This therapeutic-grade, pure lavender essential oil has a sweet and relaxing aroma. If you love the lavender scent, as we do, then add this oil to your cleaning and laundry products and your room fragrances.  Then have fun discovering all the other many and varied uses for this essential oil around your home.  Lavender is also known for its soothing and relaxing properties, so add a few drops to your bath water, your wash cloth in the shower and your foot soaks.  Also, try putting a dab behind your ear or on the bottom your feet when you need a little TLC.  And don't forget a drop on your pillow for sweet dreams at the end of your busy day.  This essential oil is recommended for its aromatic properties. For cooking with lavender, we recommend our culinary lavender buds (whole and ground).  0.5 fl. oz./14.7 ml