Lavender Soy Candle



Scented with pure lavender essential oil, this soy candle in its simple yet elegant glass holder fits every home decor and fills the room with the wonderfully light aroma of fresh lavender. In a handsome box, with a classy black ribbon, this candle makes an ideal hostess gift and birthday present. And since it's the the perfect all-occasion gift, you should keep several on hand for those impromptu moments when "a little something" would be appropriate and much-appreciated by the recipient. And don't forget to buy one for your own home, too, as you will love it.  Pair it with our Lavender Bath Salts and give your friend (mother, sister, daughter, neighbor, teacher and anyone else you wish to honor) the Gift of Relaxation.  She can light the candle and slip into her scented bath and for awhile escape the demands of her world.  3.75" tall