Small Lavender-Filled Organza Sachet



This small, lavender-filled organza sachet is one of the best-selling products in our store and online.  The smallest of our sachets, its soft organza bag measures 3” x 4”.  We make all our sachets here in Door  County from the most aromatic lavender plants grown at our farm on Washington Island.  Each sachet contains only lavender buds (the most intensely fragrant part of the lavender plant), with no stems, leaves or filler.  They are perfect for tucking into a small cabinet, drawer or any other small space that needs a fresh, fragrant smell – like a suitcase or athletic bag.  And since lavender is a very effective insect repellant, we recommend slipping a sachet into your sweater drawer and yarn basket to keep the moths away.

We sell a wide selection of lavender items that are designed to make your living spaces smell as great as our stores (our goal!), including candles, room diffusers, fragrance melts, sprays and, of course, sachets.   Our sachets are the “small space wonders” of these options, as they are designed to add a fragrance to a very small area.  In a small space, like a drawer, the fragrance from the sachet will linger for many months, and if you notice it getting less intense, you can squeeze the sachet with your hand (don’t be gentle!) to scrunch up the buds so that they release more of the fragrant oil stored in them.  Also, since our sachets have a drawstring, you can easily replace the lavender buds with newer buds.  Check out our aromatic lavender buds which we also sell online.