The Lavender Cookbook



Who knew that cooking with lavender was feasible, let alone so much fun, with such fascinating results! The Lavender Cookbook shows the way and tells you how. With over 120 recipes, both savory and sweet, which combine lavender with more traditional herbs and spices, the book is a guide to the wonderful world of cooking with lavender. (We particularly recommend the lavender chocolate brownies.) You'll discover firsthand why lavender is not just for sachets and bubble baths. If you are eager to get started cooking with lavender, be sure to also purchase our dried culinary lavender buds (grown on our farm on Washington Island), which we offer either as whole buds or as ground buds.  (Note: culinary buds are recommended for cooking, while aromatic buds are recommended for fragrances.)  And if you have a friend who loves new cooking adventures, The Lavender Cookbook, along with culinary lavender buds, would be a very unique and much appreciated all-occasion gift.